Blaiq Diamond – Messiah [Mp3 Download + Lyrics]

Blaiq Diamond – Messiah

Blaiq Diamond has released a brand new track titled “Messiah”. Check out the lyrics, watch the video live performance, and download the mp3 audio below to enjoy !!!

Blaiq Diamond is a spirit-filled and graced gospel music soloistgroup gifted for establishing the reign of God’s kingdom here on earth through inspirational gospel songs. Blaiq Diamond’s profile would be incomplete without acknowledging the mighty hands and Grace of God upon his life, the same grace at work in this life-giving, spirit-lifting, and career-changing song, Messiah.

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Messiah Lyrics

Aw’ noma, ngihamb’ ethunzini lokufa
(Even though I walk through the shadow of death)
Angikwesaba lutho (I will not be afraid)
Ngoba ukhon’ uBaba (Because I have a Father)
UMvelinqangi, ah (He is the Most High)
Thethelela Baba (Defend me Father)

Ah Thel’umoya oyingcwele (Ah pour the Holy Spirit)
Thel’umoya oyingcwele (Pour the Holy Spirit)
Thel’umoya, Thel’umoya (Pour the Spirit)

Monghadi Messiah (Lord Messiah)
Tshela, tshela moya ohalalelang (Pour, pour the Holy Spirit on us)
Mong-, Monghadi Messiah (Lord, Lord Messiah)
Tshela, tshela moya ohalalelang (Pour, pour the Holy Spirit on us)

Repeat: Thimomomo
Yi banami Baba ah (Be with me Father)
Thel’umoya Baba, ah (Pour Your Spirit Father)
Thel’umoya (Pour Your Spirit)

Hay’ akuvumi mandithule (I will not be silent)
Hay’ akuvumi mandithule (I will not be quiet)
Xandiyekelelwa nguwe (If you let me go)
Nophalala njengamanzi (I shall perish like water)
Thela, thela (Pour, pour)


Repeat: Thimomomo
Ngunaphakade (Forever)
Ngiseke njalo (Hold me)
Yiba nami (Be with me)
Thel’umoya (Pour the Spirit)
Thel’umoya Baba (Father pour the Spirit)
Thel’umoya Baba, oyingcwele (Pour the Holy Spirit)
Oyingcwele (Holy Spirit)
Thel’umoya, oyingcwele (Pour the Holy Spirit)


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