Joe Mettle – Akokyem Nyame [Mp3 Download + Lyrics + Video]

Joe Mettle – Akokyem Nyame

Joe Mettle has released a brand new track titled “Akokyem Nyame”. Check out the lyrics, watch the video live performance, and download the mp3 audio below to enjoy !!!

Joe Mettle is a spirit-filled and graced gospel music soloist gifted for establishing the reign of God’s kingdom here on earth through inspirational gospel songs. Joe Mettle’s profile would be incomplete without acknowledging the mighty hands and Grace of God upon his life, the same grace at work in this life-giving, spirit-lifting, and career-changing song, Akokyem Nyame.

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Akokyem Nyame Lyrics

ɔwo nye makokyɛm Nyame
me nye wo nam a monnsuro
osiandɛ iyɛ mekogyefo
sɛ matsanfo dɔɔso dɛn ara
ɔwo Awuradze ibɛgye me
na edze me asie watsaban kɛse nase

iyɛmegyefo, makwan nyina ara mu
ihwɛ madzifir nye membae nyina
Agya, iwɔ mafa, na ekogye me aber nyina ara mu
onam dɛm ntsi, dɛm ntsi medze monnsuro

Iwɔ mafa, na ekogyeme aber nyina ara
onam dɛm ntsi, dɛm ntsi medze monnsuro
monnsuro bone biara
iwɔ mafa, na ekogyeme aber nyina ara
onam dem ntsi, dem ntsi medze medze monnsuro

sɛ ɔbra no yedzen dɛn ara
na anyidado nyinaa asa
wasɛm tum hyɛ medzen
ma muhudɛ etse ase oo
iwɔ mafa, na ekogyeme aber nyinaa
aber nyinaa, aber nyinaa, woka meho
wodzi manim, wodzi makyir

onam dɛm ntsi, dɛm ntsi medze monnsuro
onam dɛm ntsi monnsuro biribiara
wodzi manim, wodzi makyir
dɛm ntsi medze monnsuro


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