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NEEDTOBREATHE – Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now [Mp3 Download + Lyrics]

NEEDTOBREATHE  has released a brand new track titled “Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now”. Check out the lyrics, watch the video live performance, and download the mp3 audio below to enjoy !!!

NEEDTOBREATHE is a spirit-filled and graced gospel music soloist gifted for establishing the reign of God’s kingdom here on earth through inspirational gospel songs. NEEDTOBREATHE profile would be incomplete without acknowledging the mighty hands and Grace of God upon his life, the same grace at work in this life-giving, spirit-lifting, and career-changing song, Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now.

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Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now Lyrics

I got this target
Right here on my back
They’re aiming where I was
Not where I’m at
Yeh they ain’t stopped me
Since I was eighteen
I’m moving faster
Than my enemies

I can’t slow down
I can’t get stuck
I’d rather die than have to hang it up

Don’t wanna look up
And it be over
Don’t want to wish that
I had longer
It’s my time
Yeah it’s my town
I pray my feet won’t ever slow me down
Don’t fail me now

I saw my last dream
Roll out around me
I’m trying to chase me
Down a fantasy
I felt the moonlight
Reach down and touch me
I need another night
Before you leave

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