Yoyo Michael – Say Amen [Mp3 Download + Lyrics]

Yoyo Michael – Say Amen

Yoyo Michael has released a brand new track titled “Say Amen”. Check out the lyrics, watch the video live performance, and download the mp3 audio below to enjoy !!!

Yoyo Michael is a spirit-filled and graced gospel music soloist gifted for establishing the reign of God’s kingdom here on earth through inspirational gospel songs. Yoyo Michael’s profile would be incomplete without acknowledging the mighty hands and Grace of God upon his life, the same grace at work in this life-giving, spirit-lifting, and career-changing song, Say Amen.

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Say Amen Lyrics

This year please go follow you oh
This year you are not going to suffer oh
This year there are only tears of Joy
Go dey your eyes oh yeah this year
This year you will reap the fruit of your labor
This year success will follow you oh
This year only congratulations naim go be your portion oh
Yeh this year

If you believe it say Amen
Res: Amen
we have understood it
Don’t be like Iwoh
Don’t worry
Mare has wanted
Anything you ask for naim my God go do oh
Anything you touch turns to gold

If you believe it say Amen
No matter what we do things will be better this year (amen)
Our life go better, family go better (Amen)
Poverty nor be your portion oh (Amen)
Say Amen

We go make money (Amen)
Plenty plenty of blessings (Amen)
Ego better for you (Amen)
Ego better for me (Amen)
You go marry oh (Amen)
You go get children oh (Amen)

Nigeria go better oh (Amen)
Africa go better oh (Amen)
Employment go dey oh (Amen)
Even light goes on, everywhere changes

Ama kolemole
Ama bimolomo
Ama has money
We went to buy a buggati
We went to buy plenty of houses
We go live long oh
Nobody go die for your family oh
Say Amen…


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